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Our Story

Fresh out of Yale-NUS where we had the privilege of interrogating our life purposes and envisioning our ideal communities, we were eager to find our place in the non-profit and social impact sectors. But there wasn’t a clear path forward. We didn’t feel like we had the resources to navigate career choices or to make sense of the contradictions we saw in the sector.

We asked ourselves, “Is what we're doing truly impactful?” “How can organisations be sustainable without being dependent on traditional funding sources?” “Who can we talk to about what’s happening at work? My friends in corporate careers don't relate." “Where can we go for support?” and so on.

We looked to each other for support and advice, and felt strongly about growing a community of socially-engaged alumni. And so, Yale-NUS Non-profit Alumni Collective (YNPACt) was born. ​

Highlight Careers

To increase the visibility of social impact sector and careers in Southeast Asia

Our Mission

Connect Alumni

To build a strong community of alumni involved in and passionate about social impact work

Share Resources

To connect alumni to resources that equip them with the skills to drive impact more effectively

We aspire for social impact pursuit to become a bigger part of the alumni community and experience ​

Meet The Team

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Aleithia Low

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Sylvia Gan

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Gideon Lim

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Melody Madhavan

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Social Media & Marketing


Hamid Roslan

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Alumni Interviews

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