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YNPACt - 2021 Annual Review

In 2021, we (Gideon, Aleithia and Sylvia) decided to start a network to support Yale-NUS’ alumni in their social impact pursuits. Earlier in the year, we never expected that the closure of the school would be announced only a few short months later.

Nevertheless, our resolve remains absolute - provide a space where alumni can connect over shared interest in social impact work, share resources and skills and help guide current students in their social impact journeys .

In the past year, we have: interviewed four alumni on their social impact careers; hosted two events for students and alumni to share and learn from each other’s journeys; and created a directory of alumni interested in/working on social issues.

Running these events and interviewing alumni have only continued to inspire us. We are heartened by the positive responses to our events and blog posts.

At the same time, we can't help but stress out over turnouts and view counts – have these events and articles brought us closer to our aim? Are we meeting a persisting gap for a stronger social impact community, in light of Yale-NUS’s closure?

As these questions continue to shape our work, we remain grateful to have a space to share our thoughts on how to have a meaningful career, and to learn from others whose search for meaning have taken them down different paths. And moving forward, we want to invite more alumni on their own journeys of finding meaning in their careers to join us in growing YNPACt.

This year, we hope to bring more events connecting current students to alumni in socially impactful sectors/careers, and more avenues for alumni to connect and discuss big issues, like how the social impact sector should look like.

Before we end off - here are some words of wisdom to carry us through the new year:

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